Selected events organized by Poznan Congress Center

Event name
36th Pigeon Olymiad
Top Medical Trends
Fan Convention PYRKON
Business in Poznań
Chris Botti Concert
13th Congress of the Polish Nephrology Society
The EU-Western Balkans Summit
28th Central European Dental Exhibition
EFO18 - Orthopedics and Traumatology Eastern Convention
Within Temptation Concert
Royal Moscow Ballet Swan Lake
PIS Convention
XVIII Polish Congress Ambassadors
VI Business in Poland Congress
27th Central European Dental Exhibition CEDE
30th Euroson Congress of the EFSUMB
37th The Association of Polish Electrical Engineer
18th Congress of Rural Communes of the Republic of Poland
9th ABSL Conference
Fan Convention PYRKON
Microwave and Radar Week MRW 2018 (Microwave and Radar Week)
9th Congress of the Polish Society of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology
Top Medical Trends
Art of Packaging
Top Medical Trends
26th Central European Dental Exhibition
XVIII Polish Diabetology Association Meeting
IX Congress of Women
Zgromadzenie Narodowe z okazji 1050-lecia Chrztu Polski
28th European Congress on Operational Research EURO
XXX International Congress of Political Science
Annual World Dental Congress
XX International Cardiological Congress
International Congress of Polish Cardiology Society
Homelife Show
European Congress of Local Governments
StihlTimbersport World Championship
XVIII International Cardiology Congress PTK
Congres Directions EMEA
Congress of the Institute of Logistics and Storage
ABSL conference
United Nations Conference on Climate Change
Homelife China Show